Collection: Semi Exclusive Recipe Content

All semi-exclusive content was created by Chef Kimberly of Studio Kimihou. 

What is Semi-Exclusive Content?

Semi Exclusive content is content shared between bloggers.  Each set will contain the same recipe and process photos, however, the final photos or Hero shots will vary in background and composition.

How do I use Semi Exclusive Content?

Semi Exclusive content saves bloggers and brands time from having to create a recipe, shop for ingredients, test the recipe and photograph it.  Buying verified semi-exclusive recipe content from this site ensures that it was developed and tested by chefs and photographed by a professional photographer.  You can easily add this content to your blog.  Be sure to interlink posts within your blog to grow your domain authority.  

What's the difference between Semi Exclusive, Exclusive, and Done for you PLR?

Exclusive content is only sold to one person and carries the highest price tag.  Semi-exclusive splits the higher price tag among several buyers and they share the recipe and some photos.  Done for you Recipe content (PLR) has an infinite number of opportunities to be sold, it is the cheapest because only one set of instructions and photos are offered.