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Food & Flat-lay Content Creation Course

Food & Flat-lay Content Creation Course

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Get ready to take your food photography skills to the next level with our Food & Flatlay course, guided by the expert coaching of Chef Kim. Learn everything from lighting and composition to props and editing techniques, and create stunning images that truly stand out. With an engaging curriculum and hands-on assignments, you'll master the art of food and flat lay photography in no time! Learn a 6 figure framework today!


Contents of the course: 
Getting Started

Digital Content Creation Introduction
Baketography Academy.pdf
41.2 MB
These downloads will help keep you organized during your shoots.

Shot List.pdf
4.45 MB
Session Guide.pdf
2.81 MB
Daily Planner.pdf
3.3 MB
Recipe Creation
In order to effectively know why we take the shots we are taking it's helpful to see how bloggers will use your photos on their sites.

How to find recipes
Recipe Creation
How to write the Recipe
Salsa Blog Post
How to Shop for Recipes
Recipe Template.pdf
467 KB
Flatlay Photography

Understanding Flaylay Photography
Editing Photos

How to Watermark Your Photos in Lightroom
From Lightroom to Dropbox
Real Time Demo
Editing Photos that are too Warm
Lightroom Presets.pdf
3.72 MB
How to find content to create
In this lesson, we go over Pinterest Trends and Google Trends to find out what people are searching for on the internet.

Using Google Trends
Pinterest Trends
Creating Your Private Selling Group

Creating a Facebook Group
FB Post Script.docx
13.8 KB
Using Canva with Facebook
Fb Template for Selling
82.9 KB
Posts Scripts.pdf
42 KB
Content Selling Groups
In the digital world, aside from your own content shop, creators sell their recipes/tutorials in FB content buy/sell groups

I am NOT promoting ANY of these groups. Sell at your own risk. Make sure you read the group rules

Bloggers Pay Bloggers
Va for Hire
Organizing New Clients
Create a Tag List for each group you are selling in.

How to Create a Tag List
Selling Via Paypal (option 1)

Selling via paypal
Creating a Content Shop on Shopify (option 2)

Backend Set Up of Shopify
Adding recipes to Shopify
Using Sky Pilot in Shopify
Shopify User Experience
Using Email Marketing
Creating a Portfolio

How to create a portfolio site
Best Practices
There are things you want to put into practice to grow your audience of buyers

Best Practices
Organizing with Trello
Bonus Content
FB Lives from the group, answering questions from students

Charcuterie Board Best Practices
FB Live: Layering props in your photos
FB Live: Tray Cake (Sheet Cake) Photoshoot
Using AI in your business
If you are into AI great. If not this section is not for you...but for those of you who want to reduce your workload and use new tools this section is for you.

Recipe develop AI based on ingredients you already have

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