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Mastering Cell Phone Photography

Mastering Cell Phone Photography

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The class was created with on the go Creatives in Mind.

Capture your favorite recipes in the most delicious way possible with Mastering Food Photography. 

For just $149.99, you can learn the skills of a  professional photographer to recreate your favorite recipes and capture them in picture-perfect detail. 
Perfect for food bloggers, home cooks, and food photographers alike, this course will bring the beauty of food to life. Get creative and start showing off your culinary masterpieces with my Mastering Cell Phone Photography workshop.

You will learn the basics of photography, composition and shooting in natural light. 
Our Facebook group has monthly Q&A on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 11am EST and I do LIVE photography shoots that are voted on each month. If you want to increase your food photography for business (or as a hobby) this course or membership is perfect for you!


Mastering Cell Phone Photography
27 Lessons

Welcome to Class

BakeTography Academy Mastering Phone Photography.pdf

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Space

Let's Talk about Props

Understanding Camera Basics

Style Sessions:

Bailey's Ganache Cake

Donut Style Session

Editing in Lightroom
Lightroom Presets.pdf
Hand out Differences between Lightroom and Snapseed.pdf

For Bloggers/Creators: Tutorial-Based Photography
Intro to Tutorial-Based Photography
An in-depth look at tutorial photography
Session Guide.pdf

Flatlay Photography
Intro to Flatlay Photography

Resources & Bonuses
Hand out Ways to Light a Photo.pdf
FB Live Style Session Macarons.pdf
FB Live Cupcake Shoot
FB Live: What do when photos are too warm
FB Live: Sheet Cake (Tray Cake) Live Shoot
BakeTography Academy Mastering Phone Photography.pdfMultiple Ways to Sell Photos

How to Watermark your photos
How to Watermark Your Photos in Lightroom
watermark step 1.jpeg
watermark step2.jpeg
watermark step3.jpeg

Thanks for Joining Me!

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