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Semi-Exclusive: Cannoli Egg Rolls on Linen

Semi-Exclusive: Cannoli Egg Rolls on Linen

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These cannoli egg rolls are super delicious and pack an incredible CRUNCH for this class dessert!

Sold Semi Exclusive 5 Total Sets:

Each set contains:
18 in-process photos (shared),
8+ Hero Shots both vertical and horizontal (not shared)
The recipe includes step-by-step instructions, Notes, and Equipment Link Guide for Amazon.
Each photo is carefully staged for the perfect lighting, and has been edited in Lightroom for you! 
Photos and recipes will be delivered immediately.
Photos will be deleted after 30 days.
Due to the nature of this sale, no refunds can be issued. If you have questions, please ask prior to purchase.
The buyer owns all rights. I may use a few images for portfolio/marketing purposes
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