What is StudioKimihou?

Thanks for stopping by www.studiokimihou.com.  This website is an instant download site for food blogging content.  You can purchase recipes with high quality photos, photography packages or reshoots for current content on your blog.

Are you a real chef?

Yes I am!  I'm a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu.  I've been a chef instructor for the past decade.  I'm a retired custom cake/cookie artist.

What is a semi-exclusive recipe?

A semi-exclusive recipe is a package including recipe development and photography that is shared among multiple buyers. The recipe, instructions, FAQ’s and process images are shared.

However, each buyer gets their own set of individual final images known as the Hero Shots!

Why should you buy shared content? 

The main benefit to purchasing a semi-exclusive content is cost savings.

Buying semi-exclusive recipes allows you to purchase quality photography packages at a lower cost.  And to that extent, if you purchase a recipe that you already have on your blog, this is a much more affordable way to update the photos without having to pay for a reshoot or shot them yourself.

How do I stand out against other bloggers if we buy the same thing?

You can do a few things like adjusting the recipe (double it, triple it or half it) to make it flow for your audience.  You are free to change the wording on the FAQ’s and choose creative keywords that will help you reach your desired audience.

What is an exclusive?

An exclusive recipe package includes recipe development and photography that is sold to  only ONE buyer. The recipe, process images and final images are uniquely yours and will not be reproduced.   Even I, as the creator, can not use the content.  This can be something that you want me to create or it can be a family recipe you would like to add to your site or cookbook and need professional pictures for it.

When will my photos be removed from the site?

Our team tries to remove all sold photos from the website within 24-48 hours.

What kind of process images do you include?

I will include step by step vertical photos.  Hero shots include both portrait and landscape options.

Why are different recipes priced differently?

Recipe pricing is complicated, when considering what to price my recipe at the following things are considered:

  • Recipe type 
  • Ingredient Cost 
  • Skill set needed for recipe or tutorial
  • Shooting production Time 
  • Preparations for shoots (Was it tested multiple times?)
  • Quantity of images needed

What is Chef Kim's Elite Baking Buyers Club?

CKE Baking Buyers Club is my private Facebook group.  I post all of the content to the Facebook group and we would love to have to join us!